Adopt the advanced technology. the complete edging procedure is improved to be much rapider, steadier, noiseless and more accurate. Special grinding wheel could be applied to edge any glass or plexiglass lenses. The simple user interface makes the machine easy to operate. This equipment are popular for its fashionable appearance, practical function and noiseless feature.

Automatic Clamping System

  1. Three types pressure of the clamp are available. The lens can be fastened between clamps quickly. The auto pressure adjusting function makes the lens fix without slippage and damage.
  2. Automatic centering clamping system avoids the displacement of the lens focal center.
  3. The key components are processed by CNC machine. The movement of all parts could be more flexible, accurate and steadier, and the bevel edging result would be perfecter.

Grinding System

  1. The glass lens and plexiglass lens can be edged separately, which makes the grinding wheel durable.
  2. Four types grinding wheel are optional. Glass lens edging wheel, plexiglass edging wheel, re-beveling wheel and polishing wheel.
  3. 5 grinding process can be achieved together. The materials of four grinding wheels are imported from abroad. The good quality wheels can prevent the breaking of the lens rim and the scratches on the lens surface during the edging

Intelligentized Rotating System

Intelligentized rotating function is applied to re-edging rims automatically and quickly. Re-grinding process ensures more
accurate edging result.

Template Table

  1. The large-scale template table ensures the accurate lenses size adjustment.
  2. Use the rubber block to fix position.

Digital Control System

  1. The control panel includes power switch, indicator light, function button, pattern shift and template adjustment.
  2. Adopt 8-bit micro electric controlling system and operate with single keyboard.


  1. Lens diameter: ø18 – ø80MM
  2. Power of clamping lens: 0.45-1.10MPa(three choices)
  3. Optional diameter of the grinding wheel: ø100MM
  4. Working speed of the grinding wheel: 16.7M/S
  5. Power and frequency: AC,220V(110V)/50HZ(60HZ)
  6. Power consumption: 400VA
  7. Working environment temperature: 5°C – 40°C
  8. Dimension: 61*41*47(CM)
  9. Weight: 59KGS
  10. System: circular of direct water supply (optional)
Weight59000 g
Dimensions61 × 41 × 47 cm